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CDW-G Contract Center - CDWG - Welcome to the NASA SEWP V Contract TAA-NC Contract Center. Texas apartment lease 2010-2017 form: This Lease Contract is only valid if filled out before January 1, 2010. 2010-2017 Form TAA Apartment Lease Contract Fill Online - Fill texas apartment lease 2010-2017 form instantly, download blank or editable online. Sample TAA Lease Forms - Houston Apartment Association - Sample TAA Lease Forms. 2017 Lease with the Best: TAA Lease Forms - The 2017 Lease with the...
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during this webinar if you have any questions chatham in the chat box Ashley and Chicago and definitely help out otherwise I can go ahead and answer any questions you might have as well for those of you that are on the call here if you haven't used blue mode and wrecked a Fae we're going to go through from start to finish and show everybody how these systems communicate with each other and how it works for those of you that already have used Red Cafe and Blue Moon you're going to see some new implementation that we're going to be rolling out here as well as some new SOP that we're going to be requiring regarding how to save the lease and so on so forth so there will be new information for you so we're going to go ahead and actually just get started on the Red Cafe website and this is going to kind of show you how the prospect interacts with the website and how they go ahead and apply for the apartment home and we just want to make sure that everybody sees that so they understand what the prospect is looking at and if there's any coaching opportunities you'll be able to see it on this end as well so we essentially are starting off on the red cafe page where the availability is located and we're going to once prospect has decided what they want to lease they're going to be able to see it in real time if there's no availability you'll be able to contact you or go in a waitlist and if there is availability you can see that the button will give them the option to click on the availability and then they can select from units available and then it's just going to require basic movement information such as the move-in date and Lee's term and then it's as simple as clicking start application from here and then they'll go ahead and enter an email address now the password is going to require up to 10 characters one of them uppercase you're going to have to have a symbol and some numerical value is involved as well here we go and then there's going to be a CAPTCHA option here to go ahead and select that they are not a robot in some cases that they may actually have to do an actual test where they have to determine items on a picture so we didn't actually see that this time but they they may have to go through that and then they do actually have to click that they read and accept the terms and conditions which will pop up and then they're going to go ahead and click register so now in looking at this one area of opportunity is on the upper right hand corner we're going to see where your phone number is located as well as where your the option email you is located so if at any point in time the prospect were to get frustrated or not necessarily understand what they're doing I need any kind of help the opportunity to reach out to you is readily available throughout the entire process so if you have the opportunity to talk to them over the phone while you're leasing to...